About Lost Recipes Found

Food memories DO matter! Lost Recipes Found exists to find the best vintage recipes and tell the the stories that go with them. I test the recipes, prepare and photograph them and do my best to get them back in today’s home kitchens.

Who: Hi! I’m Monica Kass Rogers,monicabest a longtime food writer and more recently, food photographer. I started this adventure a few years ago with a column in the Chicago Tribune that eventually became this web magazine.  Thousands of requests later, I’m still hooked! Searching for best vintage recipes takes me all sorts of places and never ceases to get people talking: Everyone has favorite recipes they’ve loved and lost.

CurriedVegetablePieWhat: Most recipe requests fall into several broad categories. There are recipes from closed restaurants and department store tea rooms (Gone But Not Forgotten), recipes that once appeared on food packaging or promotional pamphlets (Once Upon a Box), and recipes from institutions (Love from the Lunchroom). But I keep adding more, including celebrity recipes (Celebrity Citings) State Fair recipes (State Fair Fun), recipes from chefs that were inspired by their own families and regional histories (Chef Recipes with Vintage Flair), etc.

MonicajudgingforwebWhat Not:  I’m not a professional chef, but, have taken some classes and have been cooking & writing about food for about 30 years, experiencing and learning about food and cooking from the chefs and restaurateurs who have made careers of this challenging work. In every instance, history, family and culture have contributed to the dishes these professionals love most.

granscherrypuddingHow: Before publishing to the site, I have to find the recipes and figure out which ones are winners. I test them, do the food styling, photograph them, and write a bit about the story–and sometimes the search– behind each dish. I’d love to work my way into doing mini-documentaries about recipes, plus video and audio podcasts, oral histories relating to Midwest food stories, and, archiving recipe collections.

Why: The hope is that Lost Recipes Found will help preserve best old recipes–and the stories that go with them–before they are lost for good. E-mail me anytime at editor@lostrecipesfound.com

…a “Please Note” note: Recipe-sleuthing is a time-consuming task and as much as I wish it weren’t so, some recipes just stay hidden. I also can’t publish every recipe I find, but will do my best to send what I find to recipe requesters, by e-mailing behind the scenes. Recipes that are published on the home page of this site with photos are tested by LRF. Recipes posted in the reader comment and forum areas of the site have not been tested by LRF.

meagainMonica Kass Rogers

Ever since a second grade spelling list suggested the theme for her first rhyming poem, Monica’s been charmed by wordsmithing and story. After journalism & photography school, Monica plunged into publishing, writing for local, national & international magazines & newspapers. (Everything from the riveting “How to Select a Mop” to the probably-too-much-information “Picking the Perfect Tree”)  But most of the stories she writes for a living have been about food, the food business and culinary history. Monica loves to cook, take pictures, read & hang out with her four kids. She’s got a letterpress printing hobby. And with her husband Todd, she hosts The Pig & Weasel, Evanston’s finest arts-incubator & houseconcert series.JoeTaylorGalleryshow

 Stephanie CleaverStephanie Cleaver

Designer at an animation studio by day, runner, baker and doodler by night, Stephanie moved to Brooklyn in 2002 to attend Pratt Institute and explore the big city. In addition to the cute drawings she’s doing for Lost Recipes Found, her work can be seen at stephaniecleaver.com and calamityafoot.blogspot.com