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One-Pot Cookery

One-Pot Cookery

Texas Chili Con Carne

March 3, 2016

Pennie F. wrote in search of an old recipe for “beanless” chili that was her family’s Sunday staple 20 years ago. Being a Texas girl originally, beanless chili is a-okay with me, so I complied with this really-and-truly chili, made with beef suet, beef chunks and loads of handmade chili paste. It’s not a recipe to rush: the meat’s most tender and soup’s most flavorful if you allow this chili pot to simmer for more than two hours.  The potent mix of ancho and red chili paste, cumin and herbs are added AFTER you’ve simmered the beef to tenderness. In the last half hour, the flavor and color really bloom. I like to serve it over rice with chopped onion. Continue Reading…

One-Pot Cookery

Duck & Andouille Gumbo

December 7, 2015

There are nearly as many recipes for gumbo as there are Cajuns. A lot of ‘em are made with okra, but this gutsy, smoky-rich sans-okra version from Atlanta chef Ford Fry, is my favorite. Fry’s roux mixes Creole stylings (a lighter hued butter-flour roux) and Cajun traditions (roux made with lard or oil and flour and cooked to a deep, dark brown.) Put some music on and be patient–it takes a while for the flour and fat to brown to the deep hue that gives this gumbo its full flavor. Serve it over white rice with snipped scallions and Ford’s Potluck Garlic Bread. And any leftovers? They’ll taste even better next day. Cheaters note? When I can’t get to a duck, I’ve made this with chicken wings and legs and it turned out just fine!

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