’50s Frosted Sandwich Loaf

Earning of pride-of-place on many a '40s and '50s shower table, the frosted sandwich loaf was a tower of cream-cheese ...
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Ancho-Braised Lamb Shanks

This is one of those “low & slow” cooked dishes that’s perfect to start in the morning on a chilly ...
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Beef Bourguignon

On blustery Midwestern days, my thoughts turn to the warm comforts of stews cooked with wine. More specifically? Beef Bourguignon.  ...
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Biscuits with Country Ham

Pull these soft little clouds of biscuit hot from the oven, slit them and fill them with salty country ham, ...
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Boston Baked Beans & Brown Bread

Despite the unfortunate  Phaseolus vulgaris moniker—the American Common Bean category includes bunches of beloved, native-to-the-Americas beans: navy, red kidney, pinto, ...
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Brown Derby Cobb Salad

From Hollywood’s Brown Derby restaurant and named for its owner, Robert Howard Cobb, the Cobb Salad is the original chopped ...
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Como Inn Whitefish with Basil, Tomato & Oregano

I get a lot of requests for old recipes from the Como Inn, a long-gone Chicago restaurant favorite which operated ...
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Concord Grape Tart & Pie

My lovely friend Kathleen S. grew up 15 miles from Silver Creek, NY, where they still host a Festival of ...
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Country Captain

Even though Georgia’s “official” state food is grits, there was a time when this simple tomato-and-pepper chicken curry was identified ...
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Crawfish Boil & Crawfish Monica

Alfredo Nogueira can't remember the first time he ate crawfish. "But I'm sure I was really little," says the chef, ...
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Duck & Andouille Gumbo

There are nearly as many recipes for gumbo as there are Cajuns. A lot of ‘em are made with okra, ...
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Grandma’s Sunday Supper (Chicken Fricassee with Vegetables & Light Slaw)

When I grew up in 1970s Chicago, Sundays were family days. We’d drive to Grandma’s little brick bungalow on the ...
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Key Lime Pie

The story of Key lime pie is delightfully odd, including Cuban sponge "hookers", mystery aunts, canned milk and curing. The ...
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Melting Apple Cake

Baking recipes usually frown on softer apples, specifying instead that you use granny smith. That means you end up making ...
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Mile High Strawberry Pie

Max Hess, Jr. was the P.T. Barnum of the department store world, a master at selling with flamboyance and showmanship ...
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Shaker Lemon Pie

Except for the no-sex and separation-from-the-world rules (pretty hard to overlook), I admire most everything I’ve read about Shakers. Progressive ...
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Sherried Crimini & Walnut Loaf

I once lived in a big, ugly green co-op house in South Evanston, where vegetarian was how you cooked, if ...
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Short Rib Stroganoff

There was a time when company coming meant mom whipped up the 2-cans-of-condensed-soup-ground-beef-bacon-&sour-cream stroganoff.  Chef Rob Hurrie’s deeply-flavorful short-rib rendition ...
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Tonga Toast (Banana-Stuffed French Toast with Strawberries)

Since debuting in 1971 at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, Tonga Toast–a cinnamon-sugared chunk of deep-fried, banana-stuffed breakfast bliss–has always been a ...
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Veal Stroganoff

When Count Pavel Alexandrovich Stroganov wasn’t busy commanding the Russian infantry in Napoleonic Wars, he feasted. Historians suggest that an ...
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