Beans, New Year's Day

Hoppin’ John (Black-eyed Peas with Rice, Greens & Cornbread)

January 1, 2019
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We could all use a little good luck to kick off the new year–platefuls of it, in fact. Good thing eating “lucky” on New Year’s Day is a worldwide tradition.  Because so many people link prosperity with luck, if it looks like money—coin-shaped legumes and breads, green greens, silvery fish—you can bet somebody’s eating it on New Year’s Day.  In America’s Southern states, black-eyed peas are the lucky-food favorite. Cooked up with pork (or smoked turkey necks) and served over rice with greens, the peas become Hoppin’ John, down-home delicious, and lucky good.

I think Hoppin’ John tastes best if the legumes are well-seasoned, so my recipe has them cooked with chicken or turkey broth and a smoked ham hock.  Plenty of side-meat, garlic, and onion in the pot also round-out the earthiness of the peas. Add vinegary hot sauce, the pungency of side-dish greens, and perfect cornbread and you’ve got the full meal. A few cooking notes: To ensure fluffy rice, I cook it separately from the peas, in a rice cooker. For the greens: Kale, spinach or mustard greens are more accessible (less strongly flavored) than collards.

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