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Rice Entrees

Rice Entrees

Asian Salmon, Rice + Egg Bowl

September 3, 2022

When I have the chance to make a special breakfast or brunch, this is my favorite. Perfectly sauteed fillet of salmon, over short grain sushi rice, with a little soy/rice vinegar sauce, toasted seaweed laver, sizzled green onion, and a sunny egg with toasted black sesame sprinkles. A garnish of freshly shredded carrot and red and white cabbage adds a bit of crunch. Note: I toast the sesame seeds and prepare the rice (using a rice cooker) ahead of time to streamline prep. You’ll need just one pan for everything else. Continue Reading…

Rice Entrees

Wild Ramp Risotto with Spring Asparagus

May 13, 2022

Last year, we planted our first crop of asparagus and were delighted to see the spears shoot up from the earth at the same time the woods filled with ramps—those mild and garlicky wild onions that gave Chicago its name. I just had to pair the asparagus and ramps together in a recipe. Having done a book, Risotto & Beyond (Rizzoli), featuring 100 Italian rice recipes that I tested and wrote about for Chef John Coletta, risotto seemed the perfect transport. Note: For a little added earthiness, you can add a handful of sauteed mushrooms to the mix when you stir in the ramps and asparagus.