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Crawfish Monica

February 11, 2021
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Crawfish season is in full-swing, and there’s no better way to prepare those bright red “mudbugs” than in a hot boil of spices. Our recipe for the traditional crawfish boil including sausage, potatoes and corn in the mix is a joyful mess to eat. But for a more elegant preparation, you can also boil the crawfish without the corn/potatoes/sausage add-ins, picking the tail meat to make this creamy linguini dish that shares part of my name:  Crawfish Monica.  Because crawfish are little (only 2 ½ to 4-inches long) it takes between six and seven pounds of whole crawfish to yield one pound of crawfish tail meat. Note: Save all of the shells (heads, claws & all) and simmer them in a pot to make a nice stock you can use for a crawfish bisque or seafood stew.


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