Grilled Ham & Cheese

Cubano Sandwich

April 10, 2023
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What to do with the leftover Easter ham? Make Cubano Sandwiches! Cuban immigrants to Tampa and Key West who came to work in the cigar industry are credited with the creation of this perfect grilled ham and cheese, although exact provenance is a little hazy. There are records of it being a worker’s lunch in Cuba first, where it would have been made with Cuban bread and pressed in a plancha, before it came to Florida. Without a plancha you can finish the sandwich in a panini press, or just pan griddle it in a little butter with a heavy skillet plunked on top of the bun as I’ve done. I like it with yellow mustard on the top half of the bun and mayo on the bottom, but you can sub in a little butter for the mayo if you like. And if you can’t find Cuban bread, soft fresh bakery sub rolls work really well—you don’t want the bread to be too crusty. Depending on your appetite, you can make the sandwiches stacked with more, or less, meat and cheese, but these measurements will give you ample supply.

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