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Egg Lemon Soup with Spinach and Meatballs

March 8, 2022
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With my husband’s maternal grandparents Greek and Armenian, one or another deliciously lemony chicken soup was often on the table.  In our own home, we’ve kept that going with this fortified version of avgolemono (Greek chicken, egg and lemon soup) that has tiny meatballs and baby spinach stirred in, Italian Wedding Soup style.

If you’ve never made avgolemono at home, you’ll be amazed at the velvety lightness–nothing like the thick and pasty versions you may have encountered in diners. To make it, you’ll simply heat good quality chicken stock, whip egg whites to a soft peaks, stir in yolks and lemon juice, and temper the mix with hot stock before whisking all together for a lovely pale-yellow finish.

The tiny meatballs are a blend of beef, pork, onion, parmesan and parsley, baked up in the oven while you make the soup. To complete, you’ll boil a bit of orzo, and quick-saute fresh baby spinach. In the Spring, this is very good with a bit of sorrel instead of the spinach. Note: You can serve the avgolemono without the add-ins as a first course. This soup is best served right after you make it.

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