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Hand-Cut Fries with Lemon Curry Leaf Aioli

June 7, 2021
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Somehow our dryer, oven and dishwasher all gave up the ghost in the same week. With four guys in the house, sequestering during the Pandemic, I s’pose I shouldn’t have been surprised! On the upside, that meant the fresh scent of Spring soaked into the sheets we hung out to dry–and some creative cookery. These hand-cut fries with lemon and curry-leaf aioli were the stars of the lot. If you haven’t tried yet, making French fries from scratch isn’t difficult, just requires several steps. The result is so good, you’ll be doing it again.

Rather than ketchup, I paired the fries with this lemony aioli, infused with the pungency of fresh curry leaves. In case you haven’t cooked with them yet: Curry leaves are a fresh herb, not to be confused with curry powder, which is a different thing entirely. The leaves are essential to South Indian cooking, also used in Malaysian, Cambodian and Sri Lankan cuisine, and are available all over the Chicago area in Indian and Asian groceries. (In a pinch, Amazon also has them.)  For this lovely aioli, you pulverize the leaves with some fresh cardamom seeds in a spice mill and then steep them in hot oil to release the aroma and flavor. Once cooled, you make the aioli with the fragrant oil, along with lemon juice, egg yolk, garlic and a bit of mustard. For an extra special touch? I dust the fries with lemon salt—finely grated lemon zest tossed with sea salt flakes.

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