Holidays 2019

Holidaze! Sweets & Treats

December 20, 2019

The sun is shining in through the windows, lighting up the mixing bowls and rolling pins, cookie cutters and pudding tins on my slate kitchen table. It’s the Friday before Christmas. A “jolly good” time to do some Holiday cooking, don’t you think? If anybody want’s to join me now–or, is looking for some delicious recipe inspiration for Holiday meals over the next two weeks,  here’s a round-up of a few favorites.  There are cocktails: Not A White Russian,  snacks: Cheddar CrackersPub CheeseVintage Tea Sandwiches , savories: Wine-Poached Pear and Rosemary Tart, Sherried Crimini & Walnut LoafAncho-Braised Lamb shanks , empanadas picadillo hand pies,  duck and andouille gumbo, shortrib stroganoff, porkchops with sauerkraut + apple stuffing. There are fruited lovelies: Raspberry Foolwine poached pearsmincemeat tarts . Cakes– Monica’s All-Natural Red Velvet Cake, Melting Apple CakeDouble-Chocolate Bread Pudding with Barley Malt Caramel, Ginna’s Hubba Hubba Apple Cake, Apple Almond Cheese Tart, chocolate-covered Amarena cherries, German Chocolate Cake, Dressel’s Chocolate Fudge Whipped Cream Cake , Dreamsicle Cake, vintage no-bake refrigerator cakes, and of course, cookies! Fresh Cranberry BarsGingerbread CookiesJam Tart Bar Cookies, Old-Fashioned Butter CookiesLutz’s Raspberry Nut Bars,  Coffee and Molasses Dream Bars, Grandma Bertha’s Apricot Delights, Marshall Field’s Chinese Chews, Banoffee Tarts.  As you finish your year with loved ones far and near, remember that food is a love note that lasts. Cheers to you for the meals you create with that in mind. Happy, happy, Holidays, from Monica Kass Rogers!

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