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Not A White Russian

August 11, 2019

White Russians. Remember those? They were silky as the synthetic dresses my girls-college friends and I used to slip into for all night dancing jaunts to Dallas bars. We’d pack into Sue’s battered VW bug, four or more of us squished in the back seat, or rumble over in Leslie’s tangerine orange Karmann Ghia, windows down to the scent of mesquite and Texas scrub. Then  we’d unfold our long legs, fluff our Farrah Fawcett hairdos and slink in to sip these at the bar. Layers of coffee liqueur, vodka and cream over ice, they were easy, fun, young.

This refreshing variation, iced spiced frozen coffee with rum, maple syrup and milk–and without the shimmery dresses, feathery hairdos or vodka, comes to you compliments of poet and dear friend Ori Fienberg, of Emily + Ori fame.

To make it, brew a small batch of double-strength coffee, adding a few green cardamom pods to the brew basket. Cool the coffee. Pour it into an ice cube tray. Freeze. Clink several coffee icecubes into a rocks glass. Add dark or good quality spiced rum (I like Bumbu from Sovereign Brands.) Twizzle in some whole milk, a spoon of Grade A Maple syrup, and a splash of cream if you’re feeling indulgent. Sit back, relax, read some of Fienberg’s poetry, and tell stories, all the best stories. https://www.badponymag.com/issue-4-poetry/2018/5/28/ori-feinberg  Happy August!

Not A White Russian (Creamy Iced Spiced Coffee+Rum)
This refreshing spin on a White Russian is made with coffee ice, spiced rum, maple syrup, milk and a splash of cream
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  1. Small batch, good quality, double-strength coffee, made with a few green cardamom pods in the brew basket; coffee then frozen into ice cubes
  2. 1 ½ ounces dark rum or good quality spiced rum (I like Bumbu from Sovereign Brands)
  3. ½ cup whole milk
  4. 1 Tbsp Grade A maple syrup
  5. Optional: top with splash of cream
  1. To make: Place several coffee ice cubes in a rocks glass. Pour rum over. Add milk and maple syrup. Stir. Top with splash of cream if desired.
Adapted from from the inventive mind of Ori Fienberg
Adapted from from the inventive mind of Ori Fienberg
Lost Recipes Found https://lostrecipesfound.com/

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