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Sour Cherry Hand Pies

July 27, 2022
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Hand pies take a person back. To fourth grade, maybe (or even earlier,) when you’d bike to that corner grocery store with friends after school, finding the rack of pies, wax-paper-sleeved, sugar slicked, and skimpy on the filling, but easy to grip in one hand as you wheeled to somebody’s house before piano lessons. We’ve built on that nostalgia with better flavor and fresher fruit. Our pies are full of fresh-picked sour cherries, in a tender, oven-baked butter crust with optional sugar glaze. A bit of almond flour and red wine vinegar in the dough adds to the texture and flavor.

We’ve sized the pies large enough to share, though you may want to eat one all by yourself as you linger over the weekend reading you’ve been looking forward to.

Choose fresh sour cherries from your farmers market in season and use thawed frozen sour cherries when fresh aren’t available. One tip: To pit fresh sour cherries, a counter-mounted cherry-pitter is a huge help. .

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