Fat Tuesday

Spudnut Donut Holes

March 1, 2022
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Just in time for Fat Tuesday, Say, “hello,” to our spudnuts!  These little potato-donut morsels are descendants of the German fastnacht fritter, traditionally enjoyed today.  Putting mashed potatoes in doughnut batter may sound weird, but potatoes add moisture to the dough, yielding a soft and tender donut that doesn’t taste potato-ey at all.

Salt Lake City entrepreneur Bob Pelton learned about potato donuts while a Navy cook in 1930s Europe. When back in the U.S., he dubbed his version of the lightly sweet treat “spudnuts,”and sold the heck out of them through his Spudnut Shop stores well into the ‘60s. Eventually eclipsed by Dunkin Donuts and other brands, Pelton’s potato-donut empire is no more.

But spudnuts live on! While you can fry them in the traditional donut shape, we like doing them as doughnut holes–1 ½-inch rounds that puff into perfect little balls in the fryer. Shake them in a bag with cinnamon sugar, or doll them up with our salted-caramel glaze, or lemon curd filling.  This recipe yields more than four dozen, so you’ll have plenty to share.


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