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Sweetcorn & Bacon Pie

July 17, 2016
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The waitress at Ernie Risser’s family restaurant in Womelsdorf, PA, watches me looking dubiously at the gravy boat she plunked down with the corn pie I ordered.  Assuming we’re in cahoots, she leans in, whispers, “I like to eat corn pie with hot milk, too!” and winks conspiratorially. Whisking away the gravy she returns with a little pitcher of milk. Stranger and stranger, think I, new to these small town Pennsylvania gustatory habits. The savory pie wasn’t bad, though bland. But before I left, it had me plotting something more flavorful & akin to my Midwest upbringing: Homemade creamed corn with bacon and onion. What if I put THAT in a flaky pie crust? The result is this lovely recipe. To make it, cut fresh sweet corn from the cob, simmer it in a peppered white sauce with smoked bacon, onion and red pepper, put it in the pie crust and while it bakes, slice some home-grown tomatoes to serve on the side. P.S.–you can skip the Womelsdorf pitcher of hot milk 😉

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