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Best Homemade Tomato Soup

June 30, 2021

My Father has simple tastes, and with home-grown tomatoes, simple is best. The juiciness and flavor of summer-ripened tomatoes has us eating them out of hand, in salads, or sliced onto the classic white-bread-tomato-mayo sandwich. But Dad’s forever favorite is this soup. It’s delicious plain; even better infused with herbs, and it’s very easy to make. Also a boon? Once the garden has given up its yield, this recipe works well with store-bought tomatoes, for year-round enjoyment. Add grilled cheese sandwiches made with fresh, crusty bread to put the meal over the top. Continue Reading…

Celebrity Recipes

Frank Sinatra’s Favorite Spaghetti

February 17, 2021

In a 1973 interview with long-defunct Mainliner magazine, Frank Sinatra said, “Everything I know about cooking, I learned from my mother.” Mrs. “Dolly” Martin Anthony Sinatra lived in a home Frank built for her on the grounds of his Palm Springs estate. Her simple tomato, garlic and herb spaghetti sauce recipe was Frank’s favorite. We’ve tested it and see why he loved it—meatless, but full of flavor, it’s become our family favorite, too. Continue Reading…