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Tortilla Crunch Stack

July 28, 2019
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This crispy crunchy stack of fresh-fried tortillas layered with a tomatilla- poblano meat sauce, and Chihuahua cheese is a surprisingly yummy throwback/fresh-take on ‘70s tortilla casseroles. The crunch is delicious, and the flavor of the tangy sauce, mild. If you prefer more heat, feel free to add hotter peppers to the mix, or, serve with spicy salsa.

Notes: To make the crunch stacks, you’ll need a deep fat fryer.  The only fiddly-bit is frying up the tortilla rectangles which need to be made two at a time and flipped over during the fry cycle…the result is worth it!  Also note: raw poblano peppers can be spicy hot—slow-cooked, they mellow to mildness.

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