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Poultry Possibilities

Poultry Possibilities

Grandma’s Sunday Supper (Chicken Fricassee with Vegetables & Light Slaw)

August 8, 2020

When I grew up in nineteen-seventies Chicago, Sundays were family days. We’d drive to Grandma’s little brick bungalow on the South side and aunts, uncles, and cousins would gather. While the grownups talked, we kids would run to the corner park to climb on and jump off anything we could find. Bored of that, we’d play blind-mans-buff, or, some sort of ball game in the alley until we lost the ball.  Continue Reading…

Poultry Possibilities

Country Captain

December 5, 2015

Even though Georgia’s “official” state food is grits, there was a time when this simple tomato-and-pepper chicken curry was identified in the State of Georgia, as “Georgia’s state dish.” Writing 34 years ago in “Georgia Heritage: Treasured Recipes,” Mrs. Sewell Marion Brumby claimed that her mother (Mary Hart) created what became known as Country Captain from a recipe she widely adapted from Alessandro Fillipini’s 1880 Delmonico’s cookbook, in the early 1900s. Continue Reading…